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The methodology, adopted by ELS are aim at creating homogeneous groups of students who can work together as a team. This is accomplished through questionnaires and oral tests formulated to identify the cultural and receptivity level of learners and to create work groups where the needs of both the individuals and the group are fulfilled. In order to teach subjects such as marketing or management, a so called “explotation” technique is used on the students’. Occasionally, new mental maps are applied when a knowledge “gap” is found in one of the learners. New subjects are introduced in a practical way, using exercises, illustrations and realia. The teacher acts as a learning device, meets the needs and supports the students at all times. Deductive reasoning is the preferred method in all lessons. Furthermore, VUCO communication system (visual, audio, kinaesthetic, olfactory) is used, multimedia equipment, audiovisual material, are accessible and suitable instruments that help the students throughout the learning process.